Whiteford Township

Township of





Building Inspector, Todd Roach

Phone: (517) 937-9050

Electrical Inspector, Dale Kolar

Phone: (734) 777-4337

Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector, Don Olszewski

Phone: (419) 466-7238

Township Engineer,  David Kubiske

110 Main St.
Dundee, MI 48131
(734) 823-5080


Building department forms are available in the Document -> Forms section of the web site. Click here to go there now.

Procedure for Obtaining Building Permits

  1. Complete Building Permit Application.
  2. Obtain sewage and well permit for proposed building site.  Building site must have an address and parcel number for a building permit.  An address is obtained through Consumers Energy, (800) 477-5050.
  3. TWO complete set of building plans and TWO sets of site plans must be supplied to the building inspector prior to the issuance of a building permit.  One set will be retained for the township record of construction and the other set will be returned to the applicant for a job copy.
  4. After the building permit is purchased, construction may proceed.  If any structure is begun without first pulling a building permit, the permit fee will be doubled.
  5. Electrical permits and inspections are obtained from the electrical inspector.  These permits are also required for temporary poles.  Inspection on temporary must be made prior to the power company making hook up.
  6. Plumbing and Mechanical Permits can be obtained from the plumbing and mechanical inspector.  Plumbing permits and mechanical permits by a licensed plumbing contractor must be obtained.  Homeowner permits on residential may only be attained if/when:
    a.  Homeowner must be resident of future home.
    b.  All work must be done by homeowner only.
    c.  Homeowner must have full knowledge of state code.
    d.  An affidavit must be signed by the homeowner affirming conditions a thru c.
  7. All rough inspection must be approved before any cover up is made.
  8. All final inspections must be made prior to receiving an occupancy permit or legal action will be taken.
  9. The township is currently using the Michigan Building Code of 2009.

Procedure for Obtaining Natural Gas

  1. Obtain a permit from the local Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector for gas line.
  2. Contact Michigan Gas Utilities (734) 457-6128 or Consumers Energy (800) 477-5050.
  3. Make out application.
  4. Install the gas piping.
  5. A 20-pound air test must be applied to the piping system up  to the meter valve.
  6. Call the inspector for approval.
  7. When approved, call the gas company to have your meter installed.