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Walter Ruhl

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Darrell Rush
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Township Supervisor
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Wow!!!It has been 10 months since the voters elected me to the office of Whiteford Township Supervisor.  My goals then were to move this township into the 21st. Center.   Here is a brief list of what has been accomplished:

The Township ordered software to get its bookkeeping on computer.  We purchased a server to store these records.  We also have voted to upgrade the Tax and Assessing software so in the near future this information can be accessed from your computer. This is all public information and others need access for accurate reporting of our information.

We have Leased space at 8000 Yankee Rd Suite 100 for our offices and meetings.  This will also allow us to have all our records, dating back to 1834 in one location.   Soon a summery of the minutes from 1834 forward will be on line at WWW.whitefordtownship.org  We hope to have all the minute books scanned in and on the site in the near future.

We are making some headway at the park.  The concession stand is complete and the park has been sprayed and will be mowed so it is more presentable and that should stop it from becoming a cotton wood forest.  We need one bleacher for one of the fields and a pitchers mound is needed on the #1 diamond.  We hope to make handicapped parking at both the Baseball and Softball diamonds yet this fall. We have installed a gate to try to stop the dumping and vandalism at the park.

We have established Water district 1 and will start billing the 14 users of the well in Ottawa Lake.  The first quarterly bill should be out in January.  We are also moving forward with the sewer project for Ottawa Lake so we will no-longer be in violation of the state Clean Water Act.   The USDA’s last letter stated that funding should be available in 6 to 9 mo.  These projects are necessary in order to protect the township from large fines from the Department Environmental Quality of The State of Michigan.   We have spent enough money planning now we are going to do something.

Our Planning Commission is looking at the Zoning  Ordinances and will be trying to make them more relevant in todays Environment.  We have to make sure that our Ordinances are not making it impossible for businesses to operate in our community, but also make sure they are located where they need to be. 

We have a 3 year Plan for our roads.  Goetz and Rauch are done and so is Sylvania- Petersburg.  Many of the roads have had single seal and chip put on so far this year.  On the agenda are Clark Rd from  Yankee to Memorial Hwy and Yankee From Clark to County Line Rd. Also Whiteford Rd from Section to the state line.

We are still looking to the State to help with our 2.3 miles of St. Anthony Rd.   MCRC along with some private funding have contracted the Pot Hole Killer.  They have done part of Samaria Rd. as an experiment. They offer a 1 year Guarantee on their work.

Another change that has just occurred is that we have changed Attorneys.  The township Attorney is now W Drescher and Associate Attorneys at Law.  Their office is in Sylvania but they reside on Turk Rd.

I hope this gives you a little look at what I have been doing for the last 10 months.


Walter Ruhl
Whiteford Township Supervisor
(734) 854-241